Academic Continuity Planning and Implementation Strategies and Resources

Academic continuity is the process of maintaining continuity of learning in a crisis situation caused by a //natural disaster// , //human-induced disasters//, or other precipitating fact​or. Academic continuity is vitally important because it focuses on maintaining the core function of education: providing students with the opportunity to learn. (Sloan-C Academic Continuity)

There are four fundamental perspectives to consider regarding planning for academic continuity:
  • Preparedness begins at the course and program level.
  • Without strategic preparation and planning, no continuity plan can succeed.
  • From a student perspective, the course is the building block of the degree, which is the ultimate goal of each student.
  • Preparations must extend to every faculty member, course and program.

About This Site

This web site has been developed as a source of information for faculty as a means of ensuring the continuity of teaching and learning. A break in continuity can occur with a major event as identified above or it can occur as a result of a professor being unable to meet classes on campus for reasons beyond h/her control. The strategies inculded in this site are suggestion and are by no means intended to be prescriptive. Further, the Office of Emergency Management welcomes comments and suggestions from faculty, deans, and chairs and directors as a means of making this resource truly useful and consistent with available technologies and other instructional resources.

This site was designed to be a tool, a means of providing resources for faculty to maintain contact with their students. The resources and strategies offered here do not presume that a user has a high degree of experience and/or expertise with regard to the use of instructional and distributed education technologies. Further, the site is broadly organized according to accepted principles of instructional design and development. Sections are not arranged sequentially in order to permit faculty to access the section that is most applicable to a specific need. In order to gain a better understanding of academic continuity, it is recommended that faculty review the information contained in the section headed Preparing for Academic Continuity.

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