6. Experiential and Distributed Learning

6.1.Continuity of Instruction for Practica, Internships, and Other Experiential Learning Courses

In the event that Radford University is closed for a declared emergency that lasts for a week or more, any closing of the University will have no effect on the responsibility of students to report to their assigned placement sites. If the placement site closed for a week or more, students and (as practical and feasible) site supervisors should be provided information and instructions via e-mail and other information distribution applications. If students are required to attend seminars on campus during a period in which the University is closed, students must be provided with instructions concerning alternative meeting formats (WebCt/Blackboard, Adobe Connect, etc.) as well as specifications concerning assignments, submission of assignments, methods for receiving feedback related to assignments and work in the placement, and methods that can be used to contact the university supervisor.
Site supervisors must also be provided the information they will need to provide onsite supervision during a period in which the University is closed. This should include procedures for contacting the university supervisor, sources to monitor the progress toward opening the university, and other support information specific to the specific areas of specialization.

Students are encouraged to monitor the following websites for updated information concerning the status of the emergency situation and the reopening of the University:

6.2. Continuity of Instruction for International and Study Abroad Programs